Rivet Making Tool – Single Gauge Single Length Rivets




This tool produces lots of rivets of the same size (one wire gauge and one single length). It is a good choice when you need to make lots of rivets in one size. There is no need for a vise or anvil, it can be used on any sturdy workbench. Made from solid steel and opens for easy rivet removal. Includes instructions to help you get started. Solid copper wire is available at hardware stores and home centers everywhere.

Also available in a version that produces rivets in three wire diameters form one tool. See our three size tool.

Rivet diameters made from copper wire are as follows:

4 gauge wire is .204″ diameter
6 gauge wire is .162″ diameter
8 gauge wire is .128″ diameter
10 gauge wire is .102″ diameter
12 gauge wire is .081″ diameter
14 gauge wire is .064″ diameter
16 gauge wire is .051″ diameter

Please see the wire size chart under the “Learn” link for more info on copper wire.

Additional information

Rivet Gauge

6 Gauge, 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 18 Gauge

Rivet Length

.25", .50", .75", 1.00"


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